Nurse Midwife – Auburn OB/GYN

Job Title: Nurse Midwife – Auburn Ob/gyn

Job Description:

Auburn Obstetrics and Gynecology is seeking a certified midwife for a permanent full-time position. Obstetrical and gynecological care is delivered while working in collaboration with physicians within the practice. Responsibilities include providing full-range obstetrical and well-women gynecological health care. The expectations of the position include performing full scope women’s health care including preventative screenings, annual examinations, in-hospital deliveries, postpartum rounds, and responding to emergent inpatient obstetrical/postpartum events as needed. Primary obstetrical call is shared amongst four midwives providing rotating coverage with each midwife covering 1 day/week and 1 in 4 call weekends with midwives managing and attending most vaginal births at a level 1 hospital. Competitive salary and benefits provided.

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