Surgical Services – Inpatient & Outpatient

The Surgical Services Department at Auburn Community Hospital is focused on supporting the health needs of the people in our community. Specifically, these surgical services are intended to serve patients who will stay in the hospital up to 23 hours after surgery (Inpatient Surgery), or less than 23 hours after surgery (Outpatient Surgery).

Services include pre-admission testing, the surgical procedure itself and patient recovery monitoring in our post anesthesia care unit.

Our Team

The team of medical professionals staffing our Surgical Services Unit includes Surgeons, Anesthesiologists, Registered Nurses and Patient Care Assistants. In all cases, patients will speak with the Surgeon and anesthesiologist prior to their procedure.

Our Services

The services provided by the Surgical Services unit include:

  • Pre-admission Testing reviews a patient’s health history, current medications and lab work as needed to help assure the best possible outcomes for the patient.
  • Pre-Surgery patient and Surgeon/Anesthesiologist interviews to discuss all relevant information.
  • Surgical Procedures as specified by the patient’s referring physician.
  • Post Anesthesia Care monitors recovery after the surgical procedure to assure the patient is ready to be discharged.
  • Physician/surgeon instructions and follow-up appointments to monitor patient progress.

Our Facility

  • Surgical Services Outpatient Surgery (One-Day Surgery) Unit is located on the first floor of the hospital and features 13 private day surgery rooms.
  • Pre-Admission Testing is conducted either at the hospital or on the phone. Specific tests, if required will be conducted at the hospital.
  • Post Anesthesia Care is located adjacent to the Outpatient Surgical Unit and uses state-of-the-art patient monitoring equipment.